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is an ancient method of epilation dating back thousands of years. At Organic Bliss, we use our signature line of sugaring products CaribbeanCandy® to bring true decadence to your hair removal experience. The area to be sugared is first sprinkled with our Coconut Dusting Powder, next our paste made of sugar, lime juice, and water is molded over your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth, and removed in the same direction of hair growth, making for a more comfortable epilation service while leaving you gently exfoliated, smooth, and hair free.


has been a common method of hair removal in eastern countries such as India and Egypt for centuries. Both clever and efficient, this hair removal technique uses a cotton thread to trap hair in a mini lasso and lift it right out of the follicle using a twisting motion. This method is preferred by clients who seek facial hair removal without product application.

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