Body Treatments

Averaging more than three thousand square inches of surface area of our bodies, we depend on our skin daily to faithfully protect us from the elements of our environment. To pay homage to this vital part of you, we have designed a collection of body treatments to pamper you from neck to toe and give your custom canvas some tender loving care.

Tanning or shaving is not recommended prior to any of our body treatments or hair removal services.

Back Treatment

50 minutes $95

During this “facial” for your back, pumpkin and blueberry work to pack a punch of antioxidant and enzyme power to deep clean your pores while addressing the most common issues of this hard to reach spot. Includes extractions and a topical use of cbd to relax the skin and joints, we work with an online marijuana dispensary that provides the best quality product for your health.

Sea Salt or Sugar Glow


50 minutes $125

A revitalizing treat for your skin and spirit, we recommend the Sugar for those with more sensitive skin as the Salt is ideal for normal to oily skin types.

Honey Sesame Body Polish

50 minutes $135

Honey has been prized since antiquity in numerous cultures as a “skin moisture magnet” and conditioner. We start with a signature essential oil blend, combine ground sesame seeds with organic honey and an array of other skin loving natural ingredients to create the concoction that is “dry rubbed” over your body as soothing water cascades rinsing you soft and silky. Finished with a light layer of sesame sweet oil.

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